Thursday, March 26, 2015

Japan - Origami



Pick something fun :)

There is no class next week,

Friday, March 13, 2015

Space Flight

On the 26th of this month, we will be doing rocket launching with water/soda bottles and a compressed water hose.


We will be discussing air pressure, breathing in space and other items while we also do a launch :)

IF for some reason the first launch does not go well, we will be doing it again during lunch time. Sometimes, the stabilizers have to be fixed. It happens :) Just make sure that if your kids are in Space Flight and we have a "NASA" fail, you plan to be around for lunch time if possible :)

Cake Decorating for the 26th

We will be airbrushing. I will provide cake and icing. PLEASE dress appropriately for an accidental spray :) Apron or a toss on tshirt will work fine.

Please watch this video :)

It would be nice if 2-3 people could bring in a flashlight. I will have one :) Maglite or strong one would work best.

WWII for the 26th (yes, you should enjoy Spring Break!)

The Italian Campaign and Spain and Normandy

Who is Franco? What impact did he have?
Who is Mussolini? What impact did he have? (For that matter, what happened to him when Italy fell?)
What is D-Day? Normandy? what were the goals? Was it successful?

Read this to review the North African Campaign:

These are important questions!
The History Channel link I gave you a few posts back SHOULD help answer some of them. :)

Final exam will cover the cool dates of the war...when did it start? When did it end? Pearl Harbor, D-Day. You should know these!
It will also cover the cool people of the war. Leaders of countries, etc.
And how about all those cool locales? Yup, them too.

BTW, this is the online version of the board game Alex is talking about:

Speech for the 26th (Happy Spring Break!)

Enjoying Spring Break?
Yeah, I want I'm posting all the homework today :)

What was that Speech homework, anyway?
Last week, we talked about the Impossible and learned much about penguins and time and other things.
So we moved into credible references and now, you are going to try to find something you think is NOT true and show how it's true or not true using other, more credible references.

That means if you pick penguins, you have to prove they are real using sources that are credible and why do you think they are credible? If you prove that penguins are, in fact, NOT real, you have to explain what references you used for that.

(For the younger students, half a page to a page is fine..for the older students, c'mon, show me some effort :) We're almost done with this semester!)

Which speech are you using for the Talent Night? remember, I need to see it before you speak it and put your name on the list :) Don't back out now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


1. Make sure ALL of your homework is done and up to date for submission for the grade!

Read these: (easy reads, just glance over the why of the convoys, etc)